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A Tongue in Cheek Welcome From Jules & Khwanjai

Chef Khwanjai teaches Thai Cooking for a living here in Thailand. Her courses are fun as she laughs a lot, so do her students. The underlying thinking of her teaching is “cooking by tongue” and not blindly following the recipes, however if you’re new to Thai cookery, a recipe is a must to get you on the right track. Only with practice and familiarity with the ingredients will you begin to understand the finer points of cooking Thai food and it will seem in no time at all you”re off and running, astounding your guests with mouth watering Thai delights

About Our Thai Cooking School?


You don’t have to cook a banquet, you will be more than able to should you choose, as every recipe is a fantastic stand alone dish!

There’s much more to it than that, at Thai Cooking School, we offer our exclusive Thai cookery classes video tutorials. Get access to over 110 tutorials to choose from right away all with comprehensive detailed recipes and video tutorials.

The recipes are very detailed, step by step, easy to understand and follow and include many of chef Khwanjai’s top tips, tricks and advice which are not available elsewhere. Khwanjai is a gifted Thai chef and the real star of the show, Jules is merely the sidekick/translator. We work hard under “extremely difficult conditions” (see video) to make our video tutorials informative and entertaining. More information about our Thai Cooking Classes

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