Mackerel Salad

Mackerel Salad

Thai Fish Salad

Lovely Mackerel Salad, what can say?  She’s trying my patience with yet another fish recipe and yet again its another winner!

I stuck a couple of chillies into it looking like the devils horns (joking around for the photo) which is a bit misleading really.  This fantastic Mackerel salad when done properly, is not overly spicy at all.  In spite of containing four finely chopped Thai chillies (besides the two horns) it a lovely balanced salad chock full of aromatics and fried broken fish, in this case Mackerel but you can use practically any fish of your choice for this recipe.

In the full Mackerel Salad Recipe Video we explain how to do this, which fish are best and vary the meal quite considerably also including a few short cuts.

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Steamed Fish Recipe

Steamed Fish Recipe

With Ginger – Lots of Ginger

Thai Steamed Fish, as you all know I’m not a big fishy fan but Thais are!  So I have to do my duty; scoff the stuff and pretend I’m enjoying it even if I’m not.  Fact is, I rarely have to fake it!  I’m constantly surprised at how Khwanjais recipes are breaking down my fishy prejudices week after week.

She is also surprised at how much fish I will now happily eat and occasionally (when drunk) voluntarily try some of the more exotic fishy dishes although some of them still leave me rushing for the water or some fresh rice to take the taste away!

Enough about me!  On to this recipe which I’m happy to report is totally delicious.  It is a big flavoured dish and so should be eaten with rice in much the same way as curry, to temper down the flavours so you can enjoy them all.

Predominantly Salty Sour and Spicy – Khwanjais Steamed Fish Recipe is balanced beautifully by large amounts of ginger steamed along with the fish just before serving, thus imparting its flavour while retaining it’s crunch!

Funnily enough as we were planning what recipes to do this month, Khwanjai was angling (pun intended) to do this recipe, I as usual trying to avoid fish, was fighting the idea.  The decider was when one of our young members requested a steamed fish recipe.  He was so impressed with Khwanjais Steamed Chicken Recipe which we hid in our Thai BBQ Cooking Classes section (it’s so unique it wouldn’t go into any of our other categories) that he requested a fishy version with a lovely sauce.  This was on the same day as we were arguing about it.

I hope you are satisfied Josh,  because it cost me some considerable pride having to give in to the boss like that!  Seriously though, I hope you and your family enjoy it!!

Sometimes called Steamed Fish Ginger here’s the full Steamed Fish Recipe Video


Lettuce and Eggs Stir Fry

Lettuce and Eggs Stir Fry

Sweet Salty Lettuce

Wow!  What a surprise this recipe is….  Lettuce Sweet and Salty with Scrambled Eggs.

I had never tasted it before we made the video tutorial and frankly, as we were making it, I wasn’t looking forward to it!  The pickled lettuce that forms practically half of the recipe looked particularly un-appetising prior to being cooked.  In fact when I review the video tutorial (clip below) as I hold up the pickled lettuce it resembles a shrunken head!

The recipe has its origins in Northern Thailand in the Isaan region and has a rich salty sweet flavour with a lovely oyster sauce after taste.   Much more enjoyable when eaten with rice and although can be eaten as a snack meal, it is more usually added to the table as a compliment to some other main courses.  I give a few examples in the main recipe Lettuce Stir Fry.


Red Pork and Red Pork Sauce

Red Pork Recipe

Moo Daeng

Here I am alone again for lunch, (nearly) Red Pork and Red Pork Sauce……..  What a fantastic snack meal, although strictly speaking it should be an extra on the table when having a Thai banquet.

I mention Thai banquets a lot, so I thought I’d clear something up.  When I say banquet I don’t mean we (or you) are dining like royalty.  In this context I’m referring to having a selection of dishes on the table all at one time much in much the same way you would when choosing a set banquet menu in a Thai or even Chinese restaurant.   Nothing fancy just a bunch of contrasting and complimentary dishes/recipes!

This lovely Red Pork Recipe is a sort of basic recipe showing you how to make the Red Pork that is used in many Thai recipes and in this case making the Pork Red Sauce which colours the pork is included in the recipe although Khwanjai shares her own methods for achieving the best end results.

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Prawn and Asparagus Stir Fry

Prawn and Asparagus Stir Fry

Prawn Stir Fry with Asparagus Recipe Video

Another classic Prawn Stir Fry Recipe this time with fabulous Asparagus.  Interesting vegetable is asparagus….  Thais call it “Normai Falang” which directly translates to “Bamboo Foreign”, I had never noticed before but the stem of asparagus does look a little like young bamboo stalks.  As usual Thais give it a devastatingly simple and descriptive name.

Okay, back to the Prawn and Asparagus stir fry recipe at hand.  A very quick and easy recipe to make with little preparation needed apart from shelling and gutting the Prawns.

Khwanjai shares a really neat trick in the full video tutorial for getting super crunchy “fully cooked” veggies which woks for all crunchy veggies, not just asparagus!

As you will also see “Moo Daeng”, (our mother cat) is in the background scavenging for the prawn shells, she is joined later on by one of her offspring!  Oh the joys of living in rural Thailand!

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Thai Salmon Recipe

Thai Salmon Recipe

Salmon Gab Soat

The full Thai Fried Salmon recipe is waiting for you already. Please remember to share with friends…

As I said last week I’m not overly fond of fish.  On the other hand our cats are, you can’t keep the little perishers out of it.  I think Khwanjai must have a sinister and cunning master plan to convert me because here I am yet again, eating fish and yet again enjoying it!
Of all fish, I am actually quite partial to Salmon, usually only freshly smoked and thinly sliced, Scottish salmon.

The Thai Salmon that we cooked today was a surprisingly pleasant experience not least due to the fantastic sauce that accompanies it.

The sweet of palm sugar and sour of tamarind combines with a few other favourite ingredients to make a full flavoured and balanced sauce, which is topped off with a liberal sprinkling of crunchy fried garlic and shallots.  The last important ingredient is fried dried chillies to be consumed as desired to spice things up a bit.

The sauce I can’t pronounce in the video is Ma Kam Bia which sort of translates to sweet and sour. I mention its similar to the sauce in Kai Look KueySon in Laws Eggs


Fish Soup Recipe

Fish Soup Recipe

Gaeng Som

She made it quite spicy really, you can tell by the way I get the sniffles – always a good sign of spicy grub!

The short menu had been deleted so instead go directly to the full Fish Soup Recipe Video

What a fantastic Fish soup this is, anyone that has seen a few of my video logs will know I’m not a big fan of fish!  But this soup is awesome, predominantly spicy sour with a million other flavours up for grabs, okay maybe not a million, but definitely a burst of flavours which seems to get better the more you eat.

In this fish soup recipe you can use pretty much any fish you like providing it is not strong flavoured, we used a Snake Head fish so named because the head looks like a snakes head… Doh!

It looks like a breed of catfish with out any whiskers crossed with an eel and tastes a bit like either.  That’s not the point though.  It’s basically a fairly meaty bland flavour which is a marvellous foil for the spicy sour soup and carries it deliciously.

There are a couple of other weird and wonderful Thai ingredients in this recipe, one of them is Kachai which is a “Rhizome” often referred to as “Lesser Siamese Ginger” unfortunately it isn’t readily available fresh in western countries although it can be obtained in jars (in brine) or frozen usually pre shredded.  It’s doesn’t taste like ginger so don’t even think about substituting.  [Update: It is getting much easier to find FRESH these days.]

The other is Radish or “Sweet Radish” to give it its full Thai name, often confusingly translated by Thais as Turnip.  I’m here to tell you it tastes like our old friend the Red Radish but not quite so pungent.  In the full tutorial we explain how best to use substitutes for these ingredients.

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Noodle Salad With Prawns

Thai Glass Noodle Salad – Yum Wun Sen

With Prawns

Famous in the family for my lack of interest when it comes to glass noodles I constantly surprise myself with how much I enjoy this recipe.  It all seems to go so well together with all the flavours, textures, colours and aroma in perfect harmony.  A blisteringly good and tasty salad!

I bet you never heard of a salad described a blistering before, (unless you had one of those “overdidit on the chillies” salads!)  Sadly too many of those get made here in Thailand too!!

Thai Glass Noodle Salad is another “typically Thai salad” (non green) with plenty in the form of meats and little in the way of green stuff.  It occurs to me that as long as its supposed to be served cold you can call it a salad.  So as usual in these cases we added a little greenery to pretty it p a bit.

Delicious Prawns, lean chopped chicken and glass noodles form the basis of this recipe but all the excitement comes from the dressing, guaranteed to excite even the most jaded of palates.

The recipe has been moved now you can get the full Glass Noodle Salad Recipe and Video in one place.


Egg Soup Egg Soup Recipe

Recipe For Souper Egg Soup

Kai Nam

Hello, Jules here, reporting from our Kitchen battleground, competing with more than the usual array of distractions which almost drive me to distraction every time I try to make one of these blessed videos.

Anyway, the reason for this missive is thus:  Egg Soup short and sweet -simple to make and its amazing how good it tasted for something that is so simple to master with only a few ingredients.

In this video I attempt to discuss Thai soups, this style of soup and its role in Thai cuisine. I also wrote a full article on Thai Soups.

A short recipe is no longer below but links to the full recipe and video tutorial are.

Thai Egg Soup Recipe Video

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Recipe For Omelette Thai Style

Thai Omelette Recipe with Pork

Kai Teow Moo Sab

So here we are again stuffing our faces… well just me actually, if you watch the full tutorial you’ll see that Khwanjai, stole my lunch earlier and I had a fight on my hands just to taste test it for the video tutorial.

It’s actually a very simple omelette recipe is this one, and the secret is in the cooking style.  I’m not going to give away too much here, suffice to say the proof is in the eating.

The real beauty of this recipe for omelette is its versatility, in the example I’m eating we used pork but it can be made just as well with chicken, versatility doesn’t end there.

This omelette recipe makes a fantastic healthy light lunch using only two eggs and small amount of meat, add some crunchy salad vegetables and you got a great lunch in under 5 minutes from start to finish.

Next, and this is what the Thai omelette is mainly used for is a filler to be eaten with soup or or a compliment to any spicy dish you can imagine.

Oh I forgot to mention the flavour of our lovely recipe for omelette, Thai style…….

It’s awesome!  Savoury eggy-ness with a little fresh pep supplied by the finely sliced shallots.

Here’s the full recipe and Thai Omelette Recipe Video

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