Thai Stir Fry Cooking Classes

Stir Fry Classes

Thai Stir Fry Cooking Classes

thai-cooking-school-stirfry-classes.jpgHere’s our full list of Thai Stir Fry Cooking Classes or choose another category from menu on right…

Preparation is key to a good Thai stir fry

This is typical Thai food preparation, get all the ingredients ready for the wok because we’re going to be cooking on high heat for a very short time.

The nice thing about Thai style of cooking is it keeps the vegetables nice and crisp, at the same time retaining more of the vitamins and goodness. Meat if used, needs to be cut into small thin pieces or ribbons to ensure it cooks quickly, the danger is if you’re not quick enough the meat can become hard/dry and the veggies go soft.

In case you didn’t get that, it should be crisp veggies and soft succulent meat. As usual for fast cooking a wok is best, but a large frying pan or skillet will do.

On that point, we use a standard gas hob in our video tutorials which generates much less heat than the average traditional Thai gas cooker, thus making it easier to reproduce the desired effects on your own home hob!

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