Thai BBQ Cooking Classes


Thai BBQ Cooking Classes

thai-cooking-school-bbq-classesHere’s our full list of Thai BBQ Cooking Classes or choose another category from menu on right…

Thais are big on barbecues all over the streets of Thailand you will see street vendors selling barbecue chicken everything (even with a stone barbecue hanging off the back of the bike), they sell skewers of chicken hearts, livers, skin or feet and sometimes you can get meat too (not joking) they sell all the stuff left over, coat it in marinade, usually sweet and sell it cheap.

If you’re new to Thailand it’s easy to buy one of these barbecued skewers, they look delicious, but what are you getting in reality? Mostly it’s good stuff but you can come unstuck so if you have a delicate stomach, caution is advised.

We have a delightful collection of carefully chosen Thai Barbecue Recipes here which fit into this barbecue category merely on the merit of being fantastic food to serve AT a barbecue. Therefore they are not all “chuck ‘em on a barbie” type recipes, we think you’ll find them delightful as will your guests Having said that because you can make all these Thai barbecue recipes indoors, you can have them any time of year…. even better!

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