Chicken Green Curry

Thai Chicken Green Curry Class

(Gaeng Keow Waan Gai)

Green-Chicken-Curry-ClassKhwanjai’s Chicken Green Curry Recipe is rather nicer than your average Green Curry Recipe. This is one of our favourite Curry Recipes because it’s not so spicy or hot that you lose all those subtle flavours of the lime, sweet basil and Coconut.

Our resident Chef; Khwanjai runs our Thai Cooking Classes , she often creates her own recipes which are reflected in our classes of and don’t worry, we cover Pork Red Curry, Beef Penang Curry and Duck Red Curry too! 🙂

Have a good look around whilst here, the video for this recipe is so jam packed with Khwanjai’s cooking tips.

How to Make Chicken Green Curry

Serves 2 Green Chicken Curry Recipe Ingredients
1 Chicken Breast (large)
1 tbs Green Curry Paste
500 ml Coconut Milk
1/2 Cup Sweet Basil Leaves
5 Thai Egg Plants (ping pong size-see photo)
2 Kaffir Lime Leaves (large)
2 Thai Chillies
2 tbs Fish Sauce
1 tbs Palm Sugar (Demarara 2nd choice)
1 ts Chicken Stock powder (1/2 cube)

Wash and thinly slice 1 medium/large sized chicken breast
Cut Thai Chillies lengthwise angled
Cut Egg plants into 1/4 or so (see video)
Wash and tear off half a cup of Sweet Basil leaves
Strip Kaffir Lime leaves from stems and tear in half again

Turn on high heat pour half the Coconut milk into the wok bring to boil and stir occasionally until it reduces by 60-70% and cracks
Add Green Curry Paste and mix in whilst adding Kaffir lime leaves
Add chicken and stir until it is half cooked
Then add fish sauce, palm sugar and chicken stock powder stir in until well mixed
Add the rest of the coconut milk bring back to boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes
Stir again and add a little water if the sauce it getting too thick (optional) and bring back to fully boiling before you…
Add the egg plants and simmer for a further 2 minutes, great tip in the video tutorial for testing when they’re ready
Lastly add the Thai Sweet Basil, stir in a few times round the wok and ……. Done!

You just learned how to make our Green Chicken Curry Recipe

Serving suggestions:
Serve into a nice serving dish place on your table with hot Jasmine rice and share. Now Thai Curries in general are richly flavoured and so to gain the fullest enjoyment from your meal it is wise to choose a good accompanying dish.

This lovely Green Chicken Curry Recipe makes a fantastic centre piece to virtually any Thai banquet as it is richly flavoured with Coconut, Lime, Basil, and of course Chillies but it’s a creamy curry sauce not overly spicy so will contrast and compliment many styles of cooking.

Try our Thai Steamed Eggs (like a soufflÈ) or perhaps a nice Pork Stuffed Omelette (savoury, sweet and filling) Want something to chew on? Try our Sweet Chicken Recipe ideal for barbecues also don’t forget to try our Egg Fried Rice Recipe packed with more top tips on how to cook truly fantastic fried rice

Not much to say except, enjoy this fantastic Green Curry Cooking Class and oh.. there’s a bit more useful information on this recipe in out Thai Food BlogThai Green Curry

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Just too many in this video tutorial to list them, so make your own notes but here’s some Khwanjai explained to me after filming

Traditional Thai style would use chicken legs including bones and skin, of you want to try it that way take a squint at our Chicken Red Curry Video to see how

If you want it more spicy, chuck in the chillies at the same time as the Lime leaves

When she added water, she knew by the end it would be too creamy for OUR tastes, try it without first, unless it’s really obvious you’re going to need some, the video should be clear enough to get a good idea of what is about right. Don’t fret over this one, it’s not critical, just one of the more subtle things she does from instinct and years of practice

Alternatives for Sweet basil? Actually mint isn’t too bad in this one, but try for the aniseed flavour if you can, it compliments everything else so well

Print the recipe so you can make your own notes. Khwanjai still does this every time she tries something new especially with a versatile recipe like this and she experiments.

Feel free to share or ask any questions below thanks…

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  • Hey just wanted to say this recipe and whole site is amazing!
    My girlfriend and I live in Sicily where there are no thai restaurants around so we have been making our own thanks to your site for the past 4 years! Your recipes are delicious and have fed us and a great many of friends who have all fallen in love with thai food thanks to you 🙂 ! I just wanted to thank you so much for putting them up here. you guys are great!

    • Jules Link Reply

      Hi Felix, thanks for your lovely comments, and we are both very happy that you love Thai food so much. Khwanjai and I currently run a Thai food eatery just outside Blackpool in the north of England, if you are ever passing drop in and watch the master at work 😉

  • David Link Reply

    Love all your recipes I have tried! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing them.

    What would you recommend as a replacement for the eggplants?

    • Jules Link Reply

      Any Aubergine will work also pumpkin works well in any curry, we often use it as a meat substitute

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