Chicken Liver Red Curry

Chicken Liver Red Curry With Green Beans

Pad Ped Kuang Nai Gai Tua Fuk Yaao

chicken-liver-red-curry-cooking-classIn this wonderful Red Chicken Curry Recipe, instead of using chicken meat, we use much over looked and inexpensive chicken livers, extremely nutritional and high in iron.

If you do this one right the liver should just melt in your mouth and hardly require chewing, just suck in that lovely rich flavour!
Khwanjai’s Red Chicken Curries are famous amongst the locals for her ability to balance the power of the chillies with the other more subtle ingredients so you get to enjoy every flavour with every mouthful without losing the power of speech !

How to Make Chicken Liver Red Curry

1/2 kg. Chicken Liver
1/2 Cup Green Beans
3 Thai Chillies (pik ki nu)
1 Cup of Sunflower oil
1 tbs Fish sauce
1 ts Sugar
2 tbs Oyster sauce
1 tbs Red curry paste
3 tbs Milk
2 Kaffir Lime leaves

Wash and cut the chicken livers to bite size pieces, dry them off
Cut medium size green beans and slice Thai chillies
Tear the lime leaves from the stems

How to Cook:
Pour the sunflower oil into a wok and bring to medium to high heat before adding the chicken livers, fry until golden brown then remove 95% of the oil
The oil remaining will be enough for the next bit
Turn down the heat a little and add red chilli paste to one side of the wok, stir fry (just the paste) until you get a great aroma
Next add the lime leaves and stir a few times just before mixing with the livers
Now you can add fish sauce, sugar, oyster sauce and stir fry everything together adding the milk last
Allow to simmer before you add the green beans and stir for 1 minute more
Taste for flavour, you can adjust to suit using the above sauces or more milk, but it should not be swimming in gravy unless you like it that way

Serving Suggestion:
Serve with hot fresh Jasmine rice and some fresh coriander, quite a spicy dish so it’s nice to have a lovely light soup try our Thai Soup Recipes or my favourite choice with any chicken red curry – Pork and Lettuce Soup to go with it, or how about some Thai Fried Chicken another suggestion, is our Pork Stuffed Omelette, the idea being to have something complimentary on the table

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
You’re going to enjoy this, the secret is quick frying so the chicken livers remain moist and soft, so they melt in your mouth, and they have a wonderful ability to soak up all those lovely flavours, delicious and nutritious and a quick recipe to boot.

It’s a very good idea to dry the chicken livers before cooking, you’ll see why

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