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Gaeng Karee

yellow-chicken-curry-classKhwanjai’s Chicken Yellow Curry is rather special just see what one of our customers said about it below. Yellow curry is not the easiest of curries to master but Khwanjai nails it every time with her own special recipe and you can too.

This is a wonderfully aromatic Curry; it’s not so spicy or hot that you lose all those other subtle flavours and especially Turmeric which gives it that lovely Yellow Curry Colour and aroma.

Fritz Kraft Wrote:  I’ve made this before from another recipe and it just turned out like a fairly poorly made Indian curry. Frankly, between restaurant experiences and my own hapless prior attempts, I chalked gaeng karee in general up to a poor representation of Thai curries. This recipe and video tutorial made it look so good though, I wanted to give it another crack. I no longer consider gaeng karee the thin, pale shadow of its Indian inspiration- thank you Khwanjai!

How to Make Chicken Coconut Curry

Serves 4
2 Large Chicken Legs
750 ml Coconut Milk
1 Large Potato
2 Onions (medium size)
1tbs Yellow Curry Paste
1 tbs Fish Sauce
1 tbs Palm Sugar
2 ts Chicken Stock powder
2 Cups of water

Cut potato into cubes about 1″
Peel and cut onions into chunks ie. (quarter and half again)
Cut chicken legs in half at the knee and slice open the back of thighs, and either side of drumsticks to expose the bones

Turn on high heat pour 1 cup of Coconut milk into the wok bring to boil and stir occasionally until it reduces by 60-70% and cracks
Add Yellow Curry Paste and mix in for two minutes until it thickens further
Add your 4 chicken pieces and turn until coated..
Now add Fish sauce, Chicken stock powder and Palm sugar, mix in well
Add another cup coconut milk and 1 cup of water bring back to boil and simmer for 10 minutes turning over the chicken about half way
Next you add your Potatoes and Onions, the remaining coconut milk, and more water (about 1/2 cup)
Now cover and leave to boil/simmer until chicken and potatoes are cooked through, about ten minutes
Test for flavour and adjust if required
Lastly lovingly ladle your latest creation into your best serving dish (sling it into a bowl)
Done! You just learned how to make Coconut Chicken Yellow Curry

Serving suggestions:
Serve into a nice serving dish place on your table with hot Jasmine rice, garnish with crispy, deep fried shallots and share. See our frying shallots video tutorial. Thai Curries in general are richly flavoured and so to gain the fullest enjoyment from your meal it is wise to choose a good accompanying dish

This lovely Yellow Chicken Curry Recipe makes a fantastic centre piece to virtually any Thai banquet as it is richly flavoured with Coconut, Turmeric and of course Chillies but it’s a creamy curry sauce not overly spicy so will contrast and compliment many styles of cooking. Try our Thai Steamed Eggs (like a soufflé) or perhaps a nice Pork Stuffed Omelette (Savoury, sweet and filling)

Want something to chew on? Try Pork and Lettuce Soup also don’t forget to try our Egg Fried Rice packed with more top tips on how to cook truly fantastic fried rice and a great addition to just jasmine rice.

Jules’s Blurb: I made a gaff, I didn’t do enough research when translating the recipe, I apologise. Turmeric in Thailand is pronounced Kumin, I assumed she meant Cumin and so prattle on about Cumin!

Bit more info about this recipe in our blog post Coconut Chicken Curry

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Just too many in this video tutorial to list them, so make your own notes but here’s some Khwanjai explained to me after filming.

Traditional Thai style uses chicken legs including bones and skin, of you want to remove them first that’s okay, but it will have less flavour, the skin provides a lot of oil. (See at the end of the video) If you prefer a less oily curry remove the skin, but again = less flavour.

Look out for the salt tip, if you use Mae Ploy brand curry paste you shouldn’t need the tip, but a useful tip to know. If you’re making your own curry paste, the same applies!

When she added water, as usual she doesn’t measure! It isn’t critical, close is good enough as it will boil off as the chicken and potatoes take a while to cook

Watch to the very end for a surprise bonus sneaky cheat, how to make your red curry paste into yellow curry paste in 2 minutes flat and improve the aromatics so your guests are drooling while you cook!

Khwanjai strongly recommend you only use Thai Curry paste powder, versions from other countries are not the same and it’s easy to make the mistake of buying the wrong one.

We have many Thai Curry Recipes at Thai Cooking School, particularly Chicken Curry Recipes and you’re welcome to try them all.

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