Crab Yellow Curry Stir Fry

Crab Yellow Curry Stir Fry

(Puu Pat Pong Karee)

crab-stir-fry-recipe.jpgHere’s probably one of Thailand’s most famous crab recipes. Although in traditional Thai style cooking involves not just the meat, but the shells as well. In the video we also explain how to make this a simpler crab meat recipe as an alternative, without the shells.

Also used in this recipe are glass noodles, and curry powder, garlic and evaporated milk, which make it a very interesting dish indeed and not very spicy I hasten to add.

How to Make Crab Stir Fry

Ingredients: Serves 2crab-stir-fry-curry-ingredients.jpg
2 Medium size Crabs (any edible variety)
2 Eggs
3 Thai Red Chillies
1 Cup Celery (finely sliced, heaped)
3 Spring Onions (scallions)
3 Garlic cloves
1/2 Onion (medium sized)
1/2 Cup Glass Noodles
1 tbs Yellow Curry Powder
2 tbs Thai Seasoning Sauce
3 tbs Oyster Sauce
1 ts Chicken Stock powder (1/2 cube)
1/2 tbs Sugar
2 tbs Oil
120 ml Evaporated Milk (about 1/2 cup)

Remove the outer shell of crabs and remove gills (leave any roe) cut, body in half and then half again and then cut off large claws, you now have 6 pieces of crab (4 pieces with legs, and 2 big claws) crack the shells on the claws rinse well
Finely slice the celery, better if you have the green tops to add colour
Chop garlic into slices and chop spring onions into logs about 1 inch
Cut the Thai chillies lengthwise diagonally and slice the onion
Lastly soak the glass noodles for 10 minutes and drain if using dried as opposed to fresh
Beat the two eggs and add evaporated milk and the same amount of water
Next add curry powder, seasoning sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, chicken stock and mix well together

Turn on medium heat and pour oil in to the wok
Add chopped garlic and stir until it starts to turn golden brown, then add the crab pieces with shells, stir and cover for 5 minutes
Add the egg/milk mix we prepared earlier and leave covered for about 2 minutes then stir again
Now add your onions, chillies and glass noodles and stir for a further 2 minutes before adding the celery and spring onions
Stir for 1 minute and you’re done! You just learned how to Make Crab Yellow Curry Stir Fry

Serving Suggestions:
Lightly pack a bowl of hot jasmine rice and invert onto a plate for each guest, serve the Crab stir fry alongside on a large serving plate (see photo) and voila! Great with our Pork and Lettuce Soup or maybe you’d fancy a Chicken and Bean Sprout Stir Fry to compliment the spicy rich flavoured Crab Stir Fry.

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Khwanjai;s Top Tips:
Here’s how you do it without the shells: The only difference to the video is in the first part of cooking the crab, instead of 5-7 minutes you only cook for 2-3 minutes, everything else is the same. You will notice in the video that madam interrupted as I was explaining this, so we added a little text to help clarify.

If you are using dried Glass noodles remember to soak them in warm water for 10 minutes and drain thoroughly before using them.

Make sure you printed the recipe to make your own note’s I feel it would be a good idea for this one.

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