Prawn Penang Curry

Prawn Penang Curry

(Penang Goong)

Penang-Prawn-Curry-RecipePrawn Penang Curry is one of my favourites, similar to another of our Penang Curry recipes and at the same time very different – See Beef Penang for further details.

Penang is of course, an area of Malaysia where the basis for this curry originated many years ago but this version is a true Thai curry that has developed over many years.

Thai Penang curries are essentially spicier versions than their origins but still a mild curry by Thai standards although you can spice this one up with the addition of a few fresh red chillies..

How to Make Prawn Penang Curry

Curry for two
500 gr Fresh Prawns (in shells, 300g when peeled and de-veined)
500 ml Coconut Milk
3 Thai Chillies
1 tbs Penang Curry Paste
1 tbs Palm Sugar
1 ts Chicken Stock Powder
1/2 ts Salt
1 tbs Kaffir lime leaves (when chopped)

Very finely slice the Kaffir Lime as per Kaffir Lime leaves video tutorial
Prepare Prawns as per Preparing Prawns Thai Style video tutorial
Angle slice Thai chillies as per photo

Start with a hot wok and add half of the coconut milk, boil so it bubbles and reduce the milk until it cracks, see the video tutorial for full instructions
When cracked add Penang curry paste to the coconut milk, stirring to get a lovely aroma as it separates
Then add salt, chicken stock and palm sugar stirring until all are dissolved
Now add the remaining Coconut milk and mix fully and bring back to boil
Add the prawns and chillies (optional) and sprinkle on some of the shredded Kaffir lime leaves
Wait until fully boiling again before stirring everything into the mix, leave to simmer for about 2 minutes
Taste test and adjust as required. That’s it. Done!

You Just Learned How To Make Penang Goong (Penang Prawn Curry)

Serving Suggestions:
Penang Goong or Penang Prawn Curry is a rich flavoured curry with a warm depth of flavour that it simply has to be served with the delicious Jasmine rice and an extra sprinkle of Lime on top to finish.

Great with one of our Thai soup recipes to balance the meal. Try Pork and Lettuce Soup or perhaps our Stuffed Cabbage Soup. You can even add another curry to the table such as our Chicken Green Curry. Enjoy! Our favourite is a Ginger Chicken Stir Fry and some Thai fried Chicken.

More info on this Penang Curry Recipe also available on our Thai Food Blog

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
You’ll see in the video we have a fight about how much Palm sugar she used, judge for yourself for the recipe we’ve put 1 tablespoon but it may be a little less. As always though, it’s up to your own taste. The ingredients listed in the recipe are the amounts she used even after adjustments for taste.

Thai Penang Red curry is clearly red, but mostly referred to as simply Penang Curry. This Prawn Penang curry is one several “seafood” curries which you can find under our Seafood Classes as opposed to Thai Curry Classes.

Thais generally refer to prawns and shrimps collectively as Goong and describe them by size and I have in the past been surprised when ordering Shrimps/Prawns (Goong) and a lobster was served so it’s often wise to ask first if you can’t see what’s on offer.

I think the top tips are all in the video, for once I don’t think we forgot anything.  Whoops, how about use the freshest prawns you can get …. Obvious? Hmmm

Please share us with your foodie friends and questions etc. go below….

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  • I followed your instructions and it’s a heaven. Wonderful.
    This is a restaurant quality Thai Prawn curry.
    Thank you for sharing.

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      Happy that you achieved great results

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