Yellow Curry Paste

Easy Yellow Curry Paste


You will need:
1tbs Red Curry paste (the best brands we find are Mae Ploy or Nittaya)
1ts Yellow Curry Powder
1tbs Fresh Turmeric – you can use powder but you will not get the same lovely aroma.

Mortar and Pestle or as I grew up “Pestle and Mortar” if you don’t own one, try to think of a suitable alternative other than a blender which will destroy the texture! Thai name: Cruk Sac.

Please note: When I say Cumin in the video, I was supposed to say Turmeric, easy mistake to make, the Thai name for Turmeric is pronounced “Koomin” (confusing isn’t it?) My comment about the police was a helicopter hovering overhead; surprisingly you can hardly hear it in the video!

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
No recipe just a quick “no frills” top tip tutorial on how to make a quick and easy aromatic Thai yellow curry paste from “purchased” red curry paste, “eventually” there will be another full video tutorial coming on how to make Yellow Curry Paste from scratch, this is just one of Khwanjai’s top tip cheats.

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