Thai Curry Cooking Classes


Thai Curry Cooking Classes


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Authentic Thai curry is a truly exquisite dish and (for the faint hearted) need not be avoided. The perfect Thai curry is a delicate balance of herbs and spices, meat and vegetables, sauces and succulents, giving rise to a suffusion of contrasting flavours such as the delicate cucumber with the pungent chilli, or sweet chilli with the sour of lime.

Balancing those contrasting flavours is no mean feat. Thai Curries come in many shapes and sizes so to speak, only some of those being, stir fry curry, Penang curry, Red curry, Green curry and Yellow curry and more, all of which have their own distinctive flavour and aroma. There are watery or oily curries, milky and creamy curries, the latter two usually using coconut milk, but not always.

So when you take into account all those different colours, textures, flavours, aromas, spices, meats and vegetables etc it’s no wonder folks end up with a less then perfect balance So to sum up, getting the right ingredients ready at the right time, preparing them in the right way and adding them at the right time will give you the results you’re looking for.

Any thing else just won’t be the same. Now we don’t want to make it sound difficult, it isn’t, but like everything else in life, it’s only easy after you have been shown how and “understand why” we do things the way we do. Then you can apply those lessons to all versions of Thai curry and have the curry of your life.

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