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Son in Laws Eggs Recipe Video

Kai Look Kuey

son-in-laws-eggs-recipeJules’s Blurb: Another fantastic and unusually named original Thai Recipe often referred to as “Royal Son in Laws Eggs” part of what is known as royal cuisine, which involves the fancy end of Thai cooking like vegetable carving which can take years to master, so we won’t be covering that here. We do however; have some easy and interesting Thai Egg Recipes, here are a couple you may like to try Pork Stuffed Omelette and Thai Steamed Eggs.

The name in Thai is “Kai Look Kuey” which directly translates to “Eggs Son in Law”

This is a wonderfully tasty recipe, adding a sweet, sour and spicy experience to a stock favourite in many recipes giving a royal treatment to the humble egg.

How to Make Son in Laws Eggs

Serves 2
4 Eggs
5 Shallots
4 Garlic Cloves
5-10 Dried Chillies (depending on size)
1 Sprig of Coriander
3 tbs Palm Sugar
1-2 tbs Tamarind Puree
2 tbs Oyster Sauce
2 tbs Fish Sauce
1 Cup oil
2/3 Cup of Water

Hard boil the eggs, leave to cool and then take off the shell and dry
Rinse the coriander under a cold tap
Slice the garlic and shallots

Add 1 cup of oil to the wok and heat to medium high.
Add shallots and a few seconds later add the garlic, fry until golden brown, remove to drain dry.
Next fry the dried chillies just until they darken and remove to drain dry.
Next, fry the eggs turning continuously until golden brown, remove to drain dry

How to make the sauce:
Remove the oil from the wok, and still on medium high heat pour in the water and bring to boil.
Add Palm sugar and stir until it dissolves.
Add tamarind purée and stir until mixed before adding fish and oyster sauces.
Continue stirring until slightly sticky, taste test for flavour, if it’s sweet & sour remove.
For more sweet add sugar, for more sour add tamarind and/or fish sauce.

Serving Suggestion:
Place the eggs in a little pyramid on the plate pour the sauce over the top, sprinkle all the fried garlic, shallots and chillies on top
Finally, garnish with coriander and serve with hot jasmine rice. A great accompaniment to this could be Chicken Fried Rice or a nice refreshing Lettuce and Pork Soup.
In the video tutorial we explain how to control the heat of the chillies so all the family can enjoy, even the chilli haters!

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
This one uses dried chillies and we do not recommend using a fresh alternative, as the capsaicin in fresh chillies is so pungent it will spoil the flavour. Loads more tips in the Video!

Make sure you’ve printed off the recipe to make any notes as the video plays, as always we’ve edited out the time consuming bits, just to give you the essentials, but this one still comes in at just under 10 minutes.

Jules’s Footnote: Son in Laws Eggs conjures up many an image in my mind, the first time I tried this I was very pleasantly surprised. In this episode one of our early ones when I was acting like a pompous ass! Khwanjai gets splattered with hot fat! Ooooh how we laughed!!

A bit more info in our  Thai Food Blog – Kai Look Kuey

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