Thai Egg Soup

Khwanjai’s Egg Soup Recipe

(Kai Nam)

Egg-Soup-RecipeEgg Soup – Thai Egg Soup is simple and delightful. In this version of egg soup we use a fully cooked Thai Omelette to make the egg soup with.

In the Recipe below, you’ll see just the soup recipe. Watch the “Thai Omelette Recipe” first (link opens a new tab/window)

Khwanjai’s recipe for Egg Soup is without doubt a very easy Thai Egg Soup Recipe that anyone can master. In fact I was completely surprised how easy it was myself.

It is a meal in itself, you can happily serve as a light lunch, but is usually served with other recipes, see serving suggestions below for more details

How To Make Egg Soup

The Ingredients:Egg-Soup-Ingredients
Serves Two
2 Eggs (large)
100 g Pork (or chicken)
2 Spring Onions
2 Shallots
3 Large Cloves Garlic (shown fried in photo)
1 Cup Chinese Celery Leaves
1/3 Cup Glass Noodles
1 ts of Chicken Stock Powder
1 ts Pepper
1 Tbs Thai Seasoning Sauce
Cooking Oil

Chop Pork as per our Thai Minced Meats Video
Finely chop Spring onions and finely slice the shallots also
Chop Garlic and deep fry as per Frying Garlic Video Tutorial
Beat the eggs together and add all the ingredients together (except for the pepper, fried garlic, celery and seasoning sauce) and mix well before cooking

Cook the Thai Omelette first and cut into quarters or smaller if you prefer
Boil 2-3 cups of water and pour over the Omelette adding Thai seasoning sauce
Chuck in the celery, stir 2 or 3 times and it’s done (except for the fried garlic)
Remove and serve

That’s it … Done!

Serving suggestion:
Pour into a nice serving dish and serve two portions. Sprinkle freshly fried garlic on top and some pepper of your choice, white, black, red etc.

Apart from making a lovely light snack lunch (and healthy) this egg soup recipe is usually added as part of a banquet to compliment something spicy or something dry so here’s a couple of great recipes this egg soup recipe compliments nicely….

Try Pork BBQ Spare Ribs and our Pork Red Curry will go great with Egg Soup.

How about Fried Chicken Red Curry and a side order of Thai Sweet Chicken and Khwanjai’s fantastic Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe, another great combination. Oh and I just have to mention Rice Soup; another seemingly bland but exceptionally deceptive (with healing properties) and delicious Thai Soup!

Here’s another video of Jules eating and discussing this Egg Soup Recipe

Jules’s Blurb: Another truly great all rounder! A delicious and refreshing soup.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:

Quite out of character, there is a very quiet point in this video where I talk about “Tom Jeut” so just to make it clear…. Tom Jeut means Soup Bland, Tom Jeut is the name given to many Thai soups that are generally served to accompany something spicy.

My point is, this soup is anything but bland providing you get the Omelette right.

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