Thai Omelette Recipe

Thai Omelette Recipe

Kai Teow

Thai-Omelette-RecipeJules’s Blurb: Thai Omelette – A traditional Thai Omelette recipe and it’s not spicy in the least. (Although I added a little chilli sauce to mine) The simplicity of this Thai omelette may fool you into thinking “I know how to do this!” but don’t fall into that trap. There is more to this humble little omelette than meets the eye, not to mention taste buds!

Khwanjai makes this a very easy Thai omelette that anyone can master. It gets interesting in the preparation which becomes apparent in the video tutorial. It is also the basis for another egg recipe – Egg Soup we strongly suggest you check that one out too.

How to Make Thai Omelette
Note: This one is actually Kai Teow “Moo Sab” (pork chopped) if we used chicken it would be ” Kai Teow Gai Sab”

The Ingredients:
Serves 1 as a stand alone dish
2 Eggs (large)Thai-Omelette-Ingredients
100g Pork (or chicken)
2 Spring onions
2 Shallots
1 ts of Chicken Stock Powder
3/4 Tbs Thai Seasoning sauce
Cooking Oil

You’re going to make a lovely light and fluffy but filling omelette
Chop Pork as per our Thai Minced Meats Video
Chop Spring onions finely and slice shallots also finely
Beat the eggs together and add all the ingredients together
Mix well before cooking

Using a wok of Frying pan, add 3 tbs Oil and bring to smoking hot
Once hot pour in the egg mixture and swill round the pan as per video
This is to make it light and fluffy
Flip over once or twice to achieve a lovely golden brown colour
Remove and serve
That’s it as Khwanjai says… Done!

Serving Suggestions:
This one really is a meal in itself, and makes a great light lunch when served as we did with some fresh crisp vegetables, having said that because it is, fresh and savoury flavoured, it is commonly served up to compliment something with a bit more bite, try our Pork Red Curry Stir Fry which uses the same chopped pork, or maybe you would like a spicy sour soup such as Tom Yum Goong and the Thai omelette will contrast beautifully. It will actually also work well with Special Pineapple Fried Rice.

A couple more suggestions, try our Penang Beef Curry which is not overly spicy as is our lovely Coconut Chicken Soup – another spicy sour soup, although this one is on the milder side.

Don’t forget that you can turn this fantastic omelette into a really nice Egg Soup too !

More info on this Thai Omelette Recipe along with others at our Thai Food TV Blog

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Not much to say except, enjoy this fantastic (quick and easy) omelette! It’s a healthy lunch on its own or a great addition to any Thai table and you can make a soup out of it too. A truly great all-rounder!

Follow the video exactly, the trick with this one is not to spread out the omelette as it cooks, swill it around the pan at the start then leave it alone until you flip it, (apart from checking the base for colour) this way the egg gets a chance to fluff up more. Please feel free to leave your review below…

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    [I can’t see the other comments. I can only see that there are three. There’s no link.]

    Can you do a video showing the brand of products you use close up? I have access to very good Asian markets. But I need pictures, and not just explanations. All genuine Thai products (sauces, curries) here do not have any English on them.


    • Jules Link Reply

      There are photos in our wiki; however if you are looking at Thai writing on the bottle it will be a Thai brand. I don’t rate the supermarket brands very highly, a bit wishy washy by comparison They usually have small bottles and generic names like red/green/golden dragon Tild do rice in small packets and now sauces but leave much to be desired in my opinion

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