BBQ Fish Recipe

BBQ Fish Thai Style

What have Chip Butties, Hot Dogs and The Hound of the Baskervilles got in common?

They’re all in this video!  You would not believe our dog is only a terrier judging by the sound of him!!

Yup!  Living in purgatory, whoops “paradise” has it’s drawbacks and trying to get five minutes of silence all at one time is a ridiculous quest, so as you’ll see I press on regardless with the odd peculiar face being pulled (not difficult with my face) and derogatory comment!

I said the recipe is down below but we moved it to here: Barbeque Fish Recipe

The BBQ Fish recipe on the other hand truly is a feature of paradise, a simple barbecue fish recipe.  It doesn’t come any simpler than this although there are a few nasty pitfalls to avoid and of course Khwanjai shares these  in the full tutorial.

You just throw a whole fish on the BBQ with 1 minute preparation and while its cooking you make the delightful sauce to go with it.

Grab a coffe, buy me one, share with yer pals and ask questions below.  No too much to do on top of cooking a fish is it??

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