Beef Stir Fry Recipe

Beef Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce

Can you spot the cats in the background, the bigger one is called Moo Daeng which means Red Pork the other one is just a kitten (not one of hers, but they look alike) and hasn’t been given a name yet?  Moo Daeng was given her name by Mep; Khwanjai’s daughter and she also named our Dog!  “Moo Kgrob”  (Crispy Pork) so we’re looking for suggestions for naming the kitten which is male (like it matters) feel free leave your suggestions in comments below.

On to the recipe, and a lovely one it is too Beef Stir Fry Recipe with “Nam Man Hoye” which (for the non-Thai speaking) is Oyster Sauce, my favourite Thai ingredient, apart from the grub itself.

The trick with this recipe is cooking it quick enough so the meat remains tender the veggies are crunchy and long enough to cook everything through to bring out all the flavours. Get it right for your guests delight!!

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