Coconut Chicken Curry

Here we are again with another fantastic recipe Khwanjai and I just cooked up with a full video tutorial to compliment it.

Back to the recipe at hand, when we were cooking this, (it’s a slow cook) and during the scenes we cut out (where one would get bored merely watching a pot boiling) I had time to reflect!

The aroma was continuously changing and developing during the cooking, it was an intoxicating assault on my senses, I imagined a room full of guests, great banter and laughter, wine flowing and the conversation turning quickly to the aroma that would inevitably permeate the room full of drooling and salivating guests, they just would not be able to help themselves.

The aroma of Thai Coconut Chicken Yellow Curry is THAT seductive!

The full details for this delightful Coconut Chicken Curry can be found at that link. You’ll also find links to some recipes that would make a great accompaniment to this delicious Yellow Curry Recipe.

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