Crispy Duck

Here we are again with the latest recipe video blog, it’s another Khwanjai unique, voted most wanted by our members, the one and only, wait for it……. Crispy Duck Surprise!

It’s a surprise because only Khwanjai knew what it was going to be, “Blocat” (one of our members) suggested a crispy Duck recipe (strictly speaking, crispy duck is Chinese) but Khwanjai set to work and invented this delightful Kitchen Concoction, our newest Crispy Duck Red Curry Recipe and we hope you enjoy it.

You’ll find the recipe under Thai Curry Classes, here’s the link Crispy Duck Red Curry Recipe

Conspicuous by it’s absence is the “obligatory wilted Coriander” in this video but I feel I more than made up for it in my wilted lacklustre delivery, 40 degrees of heat and I was shattered by the time I made this blog vid! No apology, just a feeble excuse…

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