Drunkards Noodles Recipe

Once again the old fart is joined by the lovely Khwanjai in an effort to impart some basic information about The types of Noodles Used in Thai cooking.

Today Jules is eating Pad Kii Mau often called Drunken Noodles, as some people believe beer is used in the cooking. This is not the case and they should be more correctly called Drunkards Noodles as they are quite spicy and said to revive drunks. One things for sure it will certainly liven up your palate. It’s not easy for Thais to pronounce the letter “R” so “Drunkards” is most probably misunderstood by foreigners to mean “Drunken” and then the beer myth creeps in naturally.

Here’s a link to the Full Public Drunken Noodles Recipe.

In the video you will see the three basic types of Rice Noodles, Sen Mii = Vermicelli, Sen Lek = Medium size Rice noodles and Sen Yai = Wide Rice noodles plus the most commonly used noodle of all (in my kitchen anyway) Baa Mee = Egg noodles. There are quite a few other types of noodles which we’ll cover in another video.

All of these shown are fresh and if you can get them it’s always the best way to buy, if you are stuck with dried, the simple answer is to soak them in warm water for 20 minutes before you cook, of course not forgetting to drain them thoroughly first.

In the video tutorial, Khwanjai prepares this recipe in under ten minutes including preparation so it really is a quick and easy Thai Noodles Recipe. There is however one unusual and not commonly found ingredient known as Kachai = Lesser Siamese Ginger can be bought from Asian stores most usually preserved so it won’t taste quite the same as the real fresh item however we do suggest a great alternative in the tutorial, not just for that but for practically all the ingredients. Of course, if you changed everything it wouldn’t really be Pad Kii Mau so discretion is advised.

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