Dry Chicken Red Curry Recipe

Dry Chicken Red Curry and Chicken and Bean Sprout Stir Fry

Here we are again discussing the delights of Thai food and sharing my lunchtime recipes.

Dry chicken red curry gets it’s name because no water or oil is used in the cooking, it is unique and not available anywhere else to the best of our knowledge unless it’s been copied already, I’ve noticed of late a lot of my articles appearing all over the internet.

Anyway back to the plot, dry chicken red curry is quite a long recipe to cook, taking over 30 minutes including preparation, which is a long time in Thai cooking circles.

Here’s the link to the Dry Chicken Red Curry Recipe and what’s great to have with it, well, how about our Chicken and Bean Sprout Stir Fry Recipe you just saw which is about the quickest Thai recipe you can cook, about 5 minutes including opening the fridge door to get the Chicken!

Now if you want to have the chicken and bean sprout with say, a soup you could choose our Spicy Sour Prawn Soup Recipe or on the other hand to with the dry chicken red curry you could try our Lettuce and Pork Soup recipe Enjoy!

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