Easy Pad Thai

Hello again, well I’m sorry but I meant what I said, in most cases Pad Thai is bland and boring when compared to most Thai dishes, it is often served up too wet and soggy or just plain stodgy and lacking in flavour. The noodles are often over or under cooked and I never found it to be an “interesting” meal….

That is, until Khwanjai cooked it for me the first time, she really is a genius in the kitchen, she seems to be able to just bring out all the best in Thai food and balance those flavours to perfection and now you can too just by following her recipe and tutorial, which by the way, is a long one because she wanted to make sure you got every bit right!

Because we talk with our members/students, we often get feedback, (even from folks who have been playing with Thai recipes for years) telling us that Khwanjai’s Top Tips are a revelation and solve many of the problems they have been facing trying to replicate authentic Thai food from recipes that simply don’t give the full picture.

They are delighted with our in depth recipes and video tutorials actually teaching the defining points of cooking Thai food and include lots of Chef Khwanjai’s Top Tips!

Here’s an excerpt from one such email received this week:

My name is Fritz Kraft and I live in San Jose, CA in the “South Bay” (aka Silicon Valley) region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Just want to take a moment to say you guys are awesome and give you some positive feedback.

Jules, it’s rare than someone with your class and good character (hey, just let me believe it!) has the guts to go live the dream and then be generous enough to share it with those of us stuck out here in the safe, secure and thoroughly BORING, bland and spirit sucking West. Subscription to this site is the best deal I’ve seen since $1.10/gallon gasoline!

Khwanjai is a lovely, very funny lady with a wonderful skill. Again, kudos to you both for having the cajones to leave the “comforts” of the UK for a real life doing what you love in Thailand.

I’ve been to Thailand twice and have been an amateur Thai food cook for 5 years. The frustration I’ve had getting good instruction and inside tips has been indescribable at times; cobbling together recipes from different cookbooks, the web and lots and lots of trial and error……

……After joining Thai Recipe Videos as a Silver member I discover, the only things I needed to do were:….

He goes into great detail with an intelligent dialogue of what he has learned, so much so that, (he’s only been a member for about a month) with his consent I have published it (in his name) as an article in it’s own right, Thai Food Lovers Lament for the benefit of all our visitors. He has clearly been cooking and studying Thai food for quite some time and has a great understanding of some of the more advanced concepts of Thai cooking.

Thank You Fritz for your kind words and excellent contribution!

Trumpet Blowing Over

Here is a link to the Full monty Pad Thai Recipe

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