Egg Fried Rice with Pork Holy Basil

Holy Basil Pork with Egg Fried Rice

Here we are again and I have to start with a confession, as you know I never profess to be the expert, that’s Khwanjai’s department. But I have to translate everything and sometimes things take a bit of working out.

I talk about Dark sauce in the video, upon further research, this sauce is more readily available than I first thought, It is known as Dark Sweet Soy Sauce and is not therefore unique to Thai cooking as I stated. But it does taste great!

Moving right along, the two recipes today…

First: The Egg Fried Rice Recipe is a great recipe for kids and adults alike and makes a great complimentary dish to so many things as well as Thai food, apart from using it instead of plain Jasmine rice with any Thai recipe. It’s a great buffet snack, quick snack, party food, barbecue dish etc so a great all rounder and quick and easy to cook.

Second: The Pork With Holy Basil Recipe is another quick cook and it really is worth taking the time to prepare the pork Thai style, we have another video showing you how to do that. Thai Minced Meats Video a quick no frills 1 minute video.

This is the recipe that uses the dark sauce I mentioned and as I say it’s great without, but better with it and the other important factor is Holy Basil, it’s practically the first thing you taste so please visit our Thai Food Wiki so you know what to look for, many shops in my experience are notorious for mislabelling or not even knowing the difference themselves unless you go to a “Thai Shop” as opposed to Asian food shop.

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