Fish Soup Recipe

Fish Soup Recipe

Gaeng Som

She made it quite spicy really, you can tell by the way I get the sniffles – always a good sign of spicy grub!

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What a fantastic Fish soup this is, anyone that has seen a few of my video logs will know I’m not a big fan of fish!  But this soup is awesome, predominantly spicy sour with a million other flavours up for grabs, okay maybe not a million, but definitely a burst of flavours which seems to get better the more you eat.

In this fish soup recipe you can use pretty much any fish you like providing it is not strong flavoured, we used a Snake Head fish so named because the head looks like a snakes head… Doh!

It looks like a breed of catfish with out any whiskers crossed with an eel and tastes a bit like either.  That’s not the point though.  It’s basically a fairly meaty bland flavour which is a marvellous foil for the spicy sour soup and carries it deliciously.

There are a couple of other weird and wonderful Thai ingredients in this recipe, one of them is Kachai which is a “Rhizome” often referred to as “Lesser Siamese Ginger” unfortunately it isn’t readily available fresh in western countries although it can be obtained in jars (in brine) or frozen usually pre shredded.  It’s doesn’t taste like ginger so don’t even think about substituting.  [Update: It is getting much easier to find FRESH these days.]

The other is Radish or “Sweet Radish” to give it its full Thai name, often confusingly translated by Thais as Turnip.  I’m here to tell you it tastes like our old friend the Red Radish but not quite so pungent.  In the full tutorial we explain how best to use substitutes for these ingredients.

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