Lettuce and Eggs Stir Fry

Lettuce and Eggs Stir Fry

Sweet Salty Lettuce

Wow!  What a surprise this recipe is….  Lettuce Sweet and Salty with Scrambled Eggs.

I had never tasted it before we made the video tutorial and frankly, as we were making it, I wasn’t looking forward to it!  The pickled lettuce that forms practically half of the recipe looked particularly un-appetising prior to being cooked.  In fact when I review the video tutorial (clip below) as I hold up the pickled lettuce it resembles a shrunken head!

The recipe has its origins in Northern Thailand in the Isaan region and has a rich salty sweet flavour with a lovely oyster sauce after taste.   Much more enjoyable when eaten with rice and although can be eaten as a snack meal, it is more usually added to the table as a compliment to some other main courses.  I give a few examples in the main recipe Lettuce Stir Fry.

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