Masaman Curry Recipe

Massaman Curry, a fantastic non-spicy curry fit for a connoisseur.  A lovely burst of subtle flavours and aromatics, balanced with the sour of tamarind and the sweet of Palm sugar, coconut and peanuts, Mmmmm!

It’s a ridiculous recipe in that it traditionally uses large chunks of meat and Thai don’t use knives for eating… just a fork and spoon, so once it’s done you have to cut the beef before you can eat it, however if it’s cooked to perfection and you use the right meat it will be so tender you can cut it with a spoon.

It just occurred to me that it sounds like I said Muscle man when referring to the old Muslim word, the word is in fact “Musulman” the older form of the word Muslim.

Khwanjai’s Massaman Curry Recipe is also versatile in that, should you prefer Chicken or Lamb to beef it’s a simple swap with no other alterations to the recipe required. Also mentioned as suitable accompanying dishes…..  Our Sweet and Sour Recipe perfect with Chicken and Pork.

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