Noodle Salad With Prawns

Thai Glass Noodle Salad – Yum Wun Sen

With Prawns

Famous in the family for my lack of interest when it comes to glass noodles I constantly surprise myself with how much I enjoy this recipe.  It all seems to go so well together with all the flavours, textures, colours and aroma in perfect harmony.  A blisteringly good and tasty salad!

I bet you never heard of a salad described a blistering before, (unless you had one of those “overdidit on the chillies” salads!)  Sadly too many of those get made here in Thailand too!!

Thai Glass Noodle Salad is another “typically Thai salad” (non green) with plenty in the form of meats and little in the way of green stuff.  It occurs to me that as long as its supposed to be served cold you can call it a salad.  So as usual in these cases we added a little greenery to pretty it p a bit.

Delicious Prawns, lean chopped chicken and glass noodles form the basis of this recipe but all the excitement comes from the dressing, guaranteed to excite even the most jaded of palates.

The recipe has been moved now you can get the full Glass Noodle Salad Recipe and Video in one place.

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