One-Sun Pork

Aha! I’m back recovered from SongKran and scoffing on my own again, under extreme pressure from extraneous noises, however, the grub is excellent as usual.

Here’s the link to our Pork One Sun Recipe

Pork One Sun gets its name from the process of drying the pork for 1 sun (1 day), now although we made it using traditional Thai methods I don’t expect many of my readers will get the opportunity for blazing hot sunshine like we get here in Thailand! If you do, Tell me about it!

So, most folks are going to use an oven (we don’t even own one) to dry out the pork before cooking and a blender instead of a pestle and mortar for preparation of the marinade and you’ll barely notice the difference.

This is a great dish to have at a barbecue or as a meal in itself, personally I prefer it as an addition to a meal because it goes great with practically any Thai food recipe you can think of. The reason for this is; although it has a lovely flavour of it’s own, it is actually a good chew and most Thai foods are not chewy, unless poorly prepared.

Kids love it too, we normally serve it up with a couple of dipping sauces Heinz 57 for the kids and Nam Pik Ta Daeng (Chilli Red Sauce) for the grown ups.

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