Penang Goong – Prawn Curry

Penang Curry With Prawns

Penang Goong


Boy oh boy is this a delicious curry, I don’t mind telling you after shooting this quick video I polished off the lot apart from a couple of Prawns that Khwanjai snaffled while I was fighting off the cats.  You can actually hear the cats rustling the bag of Prawn shells as I’m speaking.

Anyway, back to the recipe which is actually a very simple recipe with few ingredients, the secret is in the cooking, and Khwanjai has this down to perfection with this recipe.

Trust me when I tell you I have had this all over Thailand and only once did it come up to this standard which was 5 weeks ago when we visited friends in Aou Nang near Krabi and we dined in a cheep and cheerful road side eatery, which prompted us to make the tutorial.

Try it for yourself but I strongly recommend watching the full video tutorial to get the best from this exciting Panang Goong Prawn Curry

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