Raad Naa – Thai Noodle Soup

As you can see by watching me stuff my face with this delicious Raad NaaThai Noodle Soup, it’s very very tasty.

Bloomin’ versatile too, you can change practically everything in this recipe!  Traditionally it uses chicken or pork and Kale as the basic ingredients, but there are 16 (counting the water) ingredients in Khwanjai’s recipe, but it’s so easy to change things about. Leave the meat out and you get a vegetarian version, depending on your views on fish and oystr sauce.

The important things not to change are the sauces used and the method of cooking and Khwanjai shares more of her super top tips in the full video tutorial for achieving super tender meat and very crunchy veggies that are actually properly cooked, marvellous!

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