Recipe For Omelette Thai Style

Thai Omelette Recipe with Pork

Kai Teow Moo Sab

So here we are again stuffing our faces… well just me actually, if you watch the full tutorial you’ll see that Khwanjai, stole my lunch earlier and I had a fight on my hands just to taste test it for the video tutorial.

It’s actually a very simple omelette recipe is this one, and the secret is in the cooking style.  I’m not going to give away too much here, suffice to say the proof is in the eating.

The real beauty of this recipe for omelette is its versatility, in the example I’m eating we used pork but it can be made just as well with chicken, versatility doesn’t end there.

This omelette recipe makes a fantastic healthy light lunch using only two eggs and small amount of meat, add some crunchy salad vegetables and you got a great lunch in under 5 minutes from start to finish.

Next, and this is what the Thai omelette is mainly used for is a filler to be eaten with soup or or a compliment to any spicy dish you can imagine.

Oh I forgot to mention the flavour of our lovely recipe for omelette, Thai style…….

It’s awesome!  Savoury eggy-ness with a little fresh pep supplied by the finely sliced shallots.

Here’s the full recipe and Thai Omelette Recipe Video

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