Red Pork and Red Pork Sauce

Red Pork Recipe

Moo Daeng

Here I am alone again for lunch, (nearly) Red Pork and Red Pork Sauce……..  What a fantastic snack meal, although strictly speaking it should be an extra on the table when having a Thai banquet.

I mention Thai banquets a lot, so I thought I’d clear something up.  When I say banquet I don’t mean we (or you) are dining like royalty.  In this context I’m referring to having a selection of dishes on the table all at one time much in much the same way you would when choosing a set banquet menu in a Thai or even Chinese restaurant.   Nothing fancy just a bunch of contrasting and complimentary dishes/recipes!

This lovely Red Pork Recipe is a sort of basic recipe showing you how to make the Red Pork that is used in many Thai recipes and in this case making the Pork Red Sauce which colours the pork is included in the recipe although Khwanjai shares her own methods for achieving the best end results.

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