Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe

Fried Rice with Shrimp

Khow Pad Gung

Note: To Thai’s everything from shrimp to lobster is called Goong (or Gung) so when ordering goong be sure to ask how big they are. Quite a surprice if you fancy a nice light snack and a bloody great lobster appears on your plate I can tell you!

Khwanjai’s Prawns Fried Rice Recipe is delightful, I’ve eaten this all over Thailand and it’s never anywhere near as delicious as hers. It’s a great recipe for a quick snack using leftovers of anything really but this one is tailored towards Prawns, any kind of prawns. A really quick and easy Thai recipe and for anyone learning Thai cooking a great recipe to start with!

You can use this recipe to liven up any Thai food recipe by using this rice method instead of just having it plain. Plus it also makes a great dish to have at a barbecue as an extra, you just watch your guests devour it!

Prawns Fried Rice is non spicy but if you like it spicy you can pep it up a bit with some Chilli Fish Sauce (Pik Nam Paa) or even if you prefer Thai Red Chilli Sauce (Nam Pik Ta Daeng)
Give it a try, you’ll enjoy it!!

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