Spring Rolls Recipe

In this episode, I crunch my way through some of Khwanjai’s own Thai spring rolls and explain the origins of spring rolls and spring rolls recipes. Khwanjai, ever helpful is in the background to make sure I don’t slip up.

Khwanjai’s Thai Spring Rolls Recipe is the best I have ever tasted, as you know there are spring rolls and then there are spring rolls and if you’ve ever tried the frozen variety, you know what I mean, Yugh!

So not all spring rolls are created equal, first are the ingredients inside and in this example we use pork (you can use other things) as the main ingredient plus 14 others, which gives the whole recipe a lovely texture, colour and flavour, lightly savoury with hints of all the other flavours combined… and they can also be made as a vegetarian version by simply omitting the meat!

Then there are the roll wrappers, many varieties available in supermarkets worldwide, mostly square in shape, but the secret ingredient we use is the wrapper itself! In true Thai style they’re crunchy on the outside with a moist filling on the inside, and the preparation method means you aren’t left with an oily juice running down your wrist when you eat, as is so often the case in my experience.

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