Squid Red Curry Stir Fry

Stir Fried Squid in Red Curry

Plaah-Muk Pad Pick Geang

Here we are again with the delightful authentic Thai, Squid Red Curry Stir Fry Recipe, now I know in some countries squid is not very popular or not readily available, including my own country, England.

It’s even less popular when it’s on my plate, I just can’t stand the smell of squid and on most of the many times I’ve tried it it has been very chewy, like rubber.

However, this recipe is rather good as Khwanjai uses a couple of her top tips in the preparation, which means it can be cooked super quick, and still be thoroughly cooked without it going rubbery, but the most important thing about this recipe is the sauce that goes with it.

The Squid Red Curry sauce it a delight to behold, spicy but mostly rich and savoury so not a spicy hot recipe, it’s just enough to mask the squiddy smell I dislike so much and provide an enjoyable nutritious meal even for a non squid lover like myself.

Accompanying dishes, in the recipe video Khwanjai suggests Pork and Lettuce Soup, an excellent choice as it’s a lightly savoury soup that will sit nicely with the squid stir fry.

Another possible choice, Chicken and Bean Sprouts Stir Fry this time a slightly sweet, savoury recipe to contrast with the red curry of the squid. Give them a try and enjoy….


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