Steamed Chicken Recipe

This Is No Ordinary Recipe For Chicken

The bland sounding title for this post hides a sinister secret!

The full tutorial is the definitive “Recipe For Chicken” hence the title.

This recipe has been torn from the Clutching Fingers of Khwanjai’s Screaming, Purple faced mother as she tried to stop us revealing the secrets of this recipe with the world.

This is one of those recipes…..

When Khwanjai starts to prepare it, the Jungle drums start to beating and the family descends like a horde of ravenous locusts!  Until that is…….

I started telling them all to bugger off and bring me some beer before you’ll get fed!  That fact remains, its a family feast although, you can easily adapt the recipe to a meal for two.

Bottom line:  A totally delicious recipe and if you are a garlic lover…

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