Steamed Eggs


Here we are again with our delightful Thai Steamed Eggs Recipe, as you see in the video they are great for diets, vegetarians or even folks with no teeth!

Easy to eat and and that’s a good thing for me; for a change I didn’t splatter food all over the camera whilst talking;) This is a very easy Recipe for eggs.

Steamers: As you’ll see, we used dirty great big catering steamer to prepare these, but you can just as easily use a vegetable steamer or an ordinary egg poacher, I wouldn’t use a microslave, but then I don’t like “nuke’d” food anyway!

Play around with the recipe, change the veggies, if you want it spicy, chop the chillies prior to cooking, we didn’t in this video but other members of the family wanted spicy so they chopped theirs as they ate.

I mentioned a couple of ideas to have with this dish, as it really compliments so many Thai recipes, but I must mention to any vegetarians reading that I am practically a carnivore, Khwanjai is forever shovelling veg on my plate which I rarely consume, on that note, don’t let that dissuade you from trying this deliciousThai Steamed Eggs Recipe

Okay, here we go then, IMHO this will go really well with (sticking with the diet theme) our Pork & Lettuce Soup Recipe, and (and now with the vegetarian theme too) our Som Tam Spicy Thai Salad Recipe and for the rest of us who want to eat meat my suggestion is our Pork Ribs with Garlic Recipe or any one of our lovely Thai Curry Recipes.

So that should give you food for thought and of course you could have it on its own for lunch, just as I did! Done!

What will you be having it with?

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