Steamed Fish Recipe

Steamed Fish Recipe

With Ginger – Lots of Ginger

Thai Steamed Fish, as you all know I’m not a big fishy fan but Thais are!  So I have to do my duty; scoff the stuff and pretend I’m enjoying it even if I’m not.  Fact is, I rarely have to fake it!  I’m constantly surprised at how Khwanjais recipes are breaking down my fishy prejudices week after week.

She is also surprised at how much fish I will now happily eat and occasionally (when drunk) voluntarily try some of the more exotic fishy dishes although some of them still leave me rushing for the water or some fresh rice to take the taste away!

Enough about me!  On to this recipe which I’m happy to report is totally delicious.  It is a big flavoured dish and so should be eaten with rice in much the same way as curry, to temper down the flavours so you can enjoy them all.

Predominantly Salty Sour and Spicy – Khwanjais Steamed Fish Recipe is balanced beautifully by large amounts of ginger steamed along with the fish just before serving, thus imparting its flavour while retaining it’s crunch!

Funnily enough as we were planning what recipes to do this month, Khwanjai was angling (pun intended) to do this recipe, I as usual trying to avoid fish, was fighting the idea.  The decider was when one of our young members requested a steamed fish recipe.  He was so impressed with Khwanjais Steamed Chicken Recipe which we hid in our Thai BBQ Cooking Classes section (it’s so unique it wouldn’t go into any of our other categories) that he requested a fishy version with a lovely sauce.  This was on the same day as we were arguing about it.

I hope you are satisfied Josh,  because it cost me some considerable pride having to give in to the boss like that!  Seriously though, I hope you and your family enjoy it!!

Sometimes called Steamed Fish Ginger here’s the full Steamed Fish Recipe Video

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