Thai Fried Chicken Recipes

Two Fried Chicken Recipes

Welcome again, to my lunch, join me as I scoff traditional Thai Fried Chicken Recipe the ideal barbecue addition to complete your family’s and guests enjoyment.

This is a fantastic authentic Thai recipe, used in Khwanjai’s family for years, lovely.

Two recipes for the price of Free, the best price on the internet!, first we have Thai Fried Chicken Recipe and then there’s Thai Fried Chicken Recipe 2 the difference being that “2″ is fried in a lovely Thai batter, which gives it a subtle spicy edge and a lovely crunchy texture whilst the meat in both recipes is succulent ad tender as both are fried really quickly so it’s important to prepare the meat in the Thai style or it won’t cook properly.

A couple of great recipes to compliment either of these would be first, Thai Chilli Red Sauce Recipe a traditional spicy dip and…. As this is a barbecue style food, Pork Barbecue Ribs and Garlic Recipe

But it doesn’t have to stop there as this chicken recipe is not spicy so either recipe will make a great complimentary dish to any Thai curry, or even a traditional spicy thai soup recipe
. Go ahead, give them a try they’re absolutely bloomin’ delicious! Enjoy!!

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