Thai Green Curry

Khwnajai’s fantastic Green Curry Recipe has to be eaten to be believed, I know because living in Thailand and having eaten a lot of Thai Chicken Green Curries, I can tell you they often tasted good until I tried her version.

That was the point when I became more critical and realised that not all Thai Green Curries are created equal. Lets start with the sauce, Khwanjai uses several of her special techniques to really bring out the coconut flavour to a point where it balances perfectly with the Spicy Thai Chillies and the Aniseed flavour of the Thai Sweet Basil (did you notice I fluffed my lines in the video?)

The succulent and fleshy Egg plant’s blandness soaks up those flavours, toning them down a little and there’s an underlying hint of Lime provided by the Kaffir Lime Leaves.

The sweet is provided by, the addition of Palm sugar to the recipe and the Spicy is primarily provided by using a good quality Green Curry Paste, and although we didn’t make our own for this recipe, we often do.

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