Thai Noodle With Pork Stir Fry

Pad Ma Ma Moo

Thai Noodles With Pork

Here we are again, with a fantastically versatile recipe, Thai Noodles With Pork. There’s a brilliant video on the making of the recipe and almost almost every ingredient can be changed (within reason) to suit your taste.

The secret is in the preparation as with all Thai stir fries, cut up your ingredients small if they take longer to cook, ie meat and large if they cook quick, ie lettuce, high heat for a short time and your half way there already see the full Thai Noodles With Pork Recipe and a short video on how to make it.

It’s practically a staple diet in Thailand and you can use almost any substitute for the pork including seafood, beef, duck etc

The vegetables used are also changeable and addable, so if you fancy adding carrot of broccoli, why not, to try it for yourself!

I’ve even made a reasonable version using Bovril instead of seasoning sauce once, not excellent but passable for a snack.

No recommendations for accompanying dishes as it’s really a quick snack food, generally eaten on it’s own however, there’s nothing to stop you trying something with it and as it’s so versatile you have a huge choice.

Feel fre to ask any questions or share below..

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