Thai Salmon Recipe

Thai Salmon Recipe

Salmon Gab Soat

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As I said last week I’m not overly fond of fish.  On the other hand our cats are, you can’t keep the little perishers out of it.  I think Khwanjai must have a sinister and cunning master plan to convert me because here I am yet again, eating fish and yet again enjoying it!
Of all fish, I am actually quite partial to Salmon, usually only freshly smoked and thinly sliced, Scottish salmon.

The Thai Salmon that we cooked today was a surprisingly pleasant experience not least due to the fantastic sauce that accompanies it.

The sweet of palm sugar and sour of tamarind combines with a few other favourite ingredients to make a full flavoured and balanced sauce, which is topped off with a liberal sprinkling of crunchy fried garlic and shallots.  The last important ingredient is fried dried chillies to be consumed as desired to spice things up a bit.

The sauce I can’t pronounce in the video is Ma Kam Bia which sort of translates to sweet and sour. I mention its similar to the sauce in Kai Look KueySon in Laws Eggs

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