Tom Kaa Gai

As you can see I’ve been joined by “her that must be obeyed” today, AKA Khwanjai who has released her first recipe book this week, so I hope you have got your copy but if not head on over to Thai recipe Videos and grab your copy of “Khwanjai’s Kitchen Secrets“ before well run out!! lol

Tom Kaa GaiOkay, down to business, Khwanjai’s Tom Kaa Gai (Spicy Sour Sweet Chicken Soup) Recipe is gorgeously tasty and all flavours balanced to perfection as always and you know I can bang on about her recipes with out her help, but I wanted her with me, because we thought it a good idea to give you some further information on the ingredients and I am not the expert, she is so hopefully you learned something.

The thing is with cooking Thai food, it’s cooking by tongue and with practice over time, you become accustomed to the ingredients as you use them more often, and eventually you can get to the stage where you don’t have to rely on the detailed recipes we provide as you start to experiment with ingredients and flavours on your own. If you have noticed in some of our recipe videos Khwanjai tastes, and then makes final adjustments to flavour towards the end of the cooking if she feel it’s not quite there, it doesn’t happen very often because she’s a dab hand and mostly nails it first time round.

The “Gov’nor” mentioned a couple of complimentary dishes to try with her Spicy Sour Sweet Chicken Soup Recipe; one was her Sweet And Sour Pork Stir Fry Recipe and the other was her Egg Fried Rice so give them a try together and have a little banquet tonight.

Hopefully you found, today’s video informative, however if you do have any questions, fire away in comments below or simply use the buttons to share with your foodie pals.

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