Which Wok?

Special Woks to Cook Great Thai Food?

Carbon Steel Wok? – Stainless Steel Wok?
Cast Iron Wok? – Brass Wok? – Alloy Wok?
Non Stick Wok? – Electric Wok?
Woks it all about? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Do you really need a special wok to cook Great Thai Food?

The pros use carbon steel woks, they take a lot of hammer, a lot of heat and when seasoned properly are super non stick. They are not usually very expensive (except for some of the ridiculously priced designer woks) but they are designed to be a professional work horse.

The drawback to carbon steel woks is they need to be seasoned before you can use them which when done properly will take a couple of hours and after all that if you are not using it everyday, ultimately it will get out of shape quite quickly.

The whole point of Khwanjai’s methods and recipes are that they can be copied without using any special equipment, that’s not to say they won’t work on a pro set-up, it’ll just happen quicker.

See what Khwanjai has to say herself

Bottom Line:

Whatever wok you like to use is fine, we all have our favourite cooking utensils that we know and love and understand.

What we’re really saying is fantastic results can easily be achieved with a plain old “El Cheapo” non stick Teflon coated wok on an ordinary home cooker so don’t feel like you have to go out and buy the latest “all singing and dancing – guaranteed to roast toast and boil and never lose its colour” designer wok just because some TV chef making the most noise puts his name on it and tells you “you will cook better food with it”!

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  • special wok to cook for Thai Food? It is great idea for Thai food lover?

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