Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice Class

Khow Pad Kai

egg-fried-rice-recipeAn easy, “how to make egg fried rice recipe” if you’re just starting to learn Thai cooking

This authentic Thai recipe is a great accompaniment to many Thai dishes and indeed can be used instead of just plain rice. Alternatively a great snack meal on its own and really quick if you happen to have some left over rice.

The basic starting point in all our fried rice recipes assumes you have your rice cooked already. If you need to know how to cook rice first, watch our “How to make Perfect Jasmine Rice” video tutorials.

You may also be interested in our Shrimp Fried Rice (prawns actually) and of course Khwanjai’s famous Chicken Fried Rice

You will see from the photos that you can also add a little something extra to the side of your meal and we added Thai Sweet Chicken

In many restaurants Khwanjai’s Egg Fried Rice would be called “Special Fried Rice

How to Make Egg Fried Rice

(serves 1 generous adult portion or 2 kids)

2 Eggs
1 Cup (cooked) Jasmine Rice
1 Carrot (diced small about 2tbs)
2 tbs Garden Peas
1 Clove of Garlic (chopped)
1 tbs Sunflower Oil
1 tbs Fish Sauce
1 tbs Thai Seasoning Sauce
2 tbs Oyster Sauce
1/2 ts Sugar
1 tbs Tomato Purée
In many Thai homes these days, they use good old Heinz 57

Get your rice cooked before hand
See our Perfect Jasmine Rice videos
Chop the carrot and garlic, not the peas

Pour 1tbs oil into a wok and bring to medium/high heat
Add the garlic stir fry until it starts to turn golden brown
Add 2 eggs mix together as if making scrambled (soft)
Add rice and stir fry for about 2 minutes
Add carrots, garden peas and still stirring
Add seasoning sauce, fish sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, tomato purée
Stir for about 2-3 minutes, taste the flavour and adjust as required
You just learned…. How To Make Egg Fried Rice

Serving suggestion:
Serve up on a plate with some fresh salad such as cucumber, tomato and lettuce with a chunk of fresh lime. You can also spice it up a bit with some Thai Chilli Sauce Red or Thai Chilli Fish Sauce or maybe just some freshly ground black pepper

This Egg Fried Rice Recipe is a meal on its own or a great addition to any Thai meal and a bit more fun than just plain old fried rice. If you like Fried Rice you make like to try our Chicken Fried Rice recipe or our Shrimp Fried Rice recipe both with full video tutorials.

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Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Make sure you have all your ingredients ready before you start to cook or you could end up in the Thai Cooking Trauma Clinic.

When adding the garlic at the start, it should only 5 – 10 seconds to start turning golden brown if it takes longer; your oil isn’t hot enough.

It’s not a problem, just wait until it starts going golden and by then it’ll be hot enough. If you started too hot, don’t panic, the egg may stick at first, just press on and keep stirring.

When adding the eggs to the wok, Khwanjai asks me what the term is for how long to cook the eggs, to clarify, they should be like soft, moist scrambled eggs, then you proceed.

You can adjust the flavour to your liking by varying the sauces, taste them neat first so you know what flavours you are dealing with.

The finished meal should be moist but not soggy.

Bonus surprise egg tip at the end of the video!!

Print the recipe because it’s a versatile dish and we give suggestions for changing ingredients.

Please ask your questions (if any) below..

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  • Elizabeth Link Reply

    Unable to get galangal where I live. Can I substitute with ginger, same amount ?

    • Jules Link Reply

      You can play around with this recipe quite a bit, never tried it with ginger, much stronger flavour than Galangal tho’ so use a bit less. BTW there is no requirement for Galangal in the recipe in Egg Fried Rice

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