Fish Salad

Khwanjai’s Sardine Salad

(Yum Par Tu)

Fish-Salad-RecipeJules’s Blurb: As you know (unless you’re new) I’m not a fishy fan but yet again Khwanjai surprises me with delishy fishy dishes. At the same time we uncover a Thai fish forgery scandal….

Khwanjai’s Sardine Salad is another spicy Thai salad dish however; if you eat this salad in the traditional manner it does not taste very spicy at all. See the video tutorial for eating this Thai salad in the traditional manner. Although this is a recipe for Sardine, you can use other fish of your choice if you prefer and as you’ll see Mackerel is also a good choice and of course the easy to find Tuna fish.

There are many Fish recipes in Thai cuisine, and this recipe is Khwanjai’s own; it is quite a spicy Thai salad although it is also packed with aromatics producing a suffusion or flavours and textures to scintillate your taste buds without numbing them in the process.

Thai Salad Recipes also often use cooked meats or even hot meats in them such as our delicious Waterfall Beef Salad but this Thai Salad with Mackerel is supposed to be a cold salad.  Remember to read Khwanjai’s Top Tips at the end of this recipe..

How To Make Thai Fish Salad

2 Sardines (Par Tu)
(Extra tips in video about fish to use)
2 Lemon Grass Sticks
4 Thai chillies
1/3 Cup Toasted Peanuts
2 Spring Onions (scallions)
Bunch of Coriander
2 Tbs Fresh Chopped Ginger
1 Lime
4 Shallots
1/2 Tbs Fish sauce
1 ts Sugar
1 ts Chicken stock powder (1/2 cube)

Skin and finely chop the Lemon Grass
Finely chop the Chillies
Toast peanuts as per How to Toast Peanuts Video
Chop Spring Onions into small logs
Chop the coriander and Shallots as per video
Place fish into a hot wok in half a cup of oil and fry both sides for about 2 minutes each, remove and leave to cool

Making The Salad:
When the fish is cold, break the meat into a large mixing bowl taking care to remove all bones
Next squeeze in the juice of 2/3 lime and the fish sauce, chicken stock and sugar
Next add the Lemon grass and chopped Ginger, Shallots and Chillies and mix well
Do a quick taste test before adding Coriander and Spring onions
You Just learned how to make a Thai Mackerel Salad

For further information and some useful tips head to Mackerel Salad recipe, For other recipes visit Thai Food Blog where we often impart extra wisdom not discussed in the cooking videos.

Serving Suggestion:
Serve on a bed of Lettuce and sprinkle the toasted peanuts on top, add a couple of chillies for those that want a bit more spicy as it’s quite a nicely balanced salad it doesn’t taste spicy even with 4 Thai chillies mixed in!

If you like this salad, take a look at our other Thai Salad Recipes or maybe you’d like to try some Thai Sea Food Dishes

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
At the time of making this video Jules (a renowned fish lover) had not done his homework and so Khwanjai’s translation from Thai was Mackerel. The fish we use in the tutorial are very definitely pre-steamed Sardines.

Old Farts Blunder Alert: Jules talks about a cup of water when it is actually cooking oil

Thai name for Sardine is “Par Tu” which should be readily available frozen, from your Asian store. The frozen ones are usually pre-steamed. More details in the video.

It’s all academic really because for this recipe (Khwanjai informs me) it’s a simple case of “Use what fish you like (tuna, sardine, kipper) and leave everything else the same.”

Using fresh fish: Just fry the same as for the Par Tu, no need to steam it first.

Time Savers!
Using Tinned Tuna: “Tuna in Oil” is best for this recipe but remove the oil. Don’t add the oil. Just break it up as per Par Tu, No need to cook in any way!

Using Tinned Sardines: Use Sardines “In Oil” or “In Tomato Sauce” With either of these you can also save breaking it into small pieces and serve as nice chunks of fish. Again no need for cooking.

Print the recipe so you can make your own notes. Khwanjai still does this every time she tries something new especially with a versatile recipe like this and she experiments.

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