Barbecue Sauce Isaan

Isaan BBQ Sauce Recipe

Nam Jime Jeow Lao

BBQ-Sauce-Isaan.jpgAnd now for something completely different, as Monty Python would say. The correct name for this unique BBQ Sauce is Nam Jime Jeow Lao usually shortened to Jeow Lao it’s a refreshing spicy, salty and sour BBQ dipping sauce, generally served in a small bowl at the table. It is typical Isaan style complete with the inclusion of Toasted Ground Rice to give a lovely grainy texture. (Isaan is an area in the North of Thailand)

In the accompanying video tutorial for this sauce, we added some extra ingredients not shown in this recipe to produce a lovely Thai salad dressing which is used in waterfall beef salad which many people (and websites) appear to confuse with Beef Waterfall aka Nuea Yaang Nam Tok which is of actually a delicious BBQ Beef Recipe which also has its own sweet spicy sour BBQ Sauce, yet another one of our Thai Dipping Sauces!

How to Make Nam Jime Jeow Lao

3 Tbs Fish Sauce
1 ts Chicken stock powdered
1/2 Fresh Lime Juice
2 Dessert Spoons Red Chilli Powder
2 Dessert spoons Ground Toasted Rice
That was a big list wasn’t it?

Sauce Preparation:
For the best results watch how to make Chilli Powder video you’ll have a far more aromatic finish than if you just buy it ready done.
The same applies for our Ground Toasted Rice video you’re just going to get a much fuller flavour and aroma, but of course you can buy it ready made and still get the texture, sadly with the bought stuff the aroma has been processed out.

Making The Sauce:
Starting with the ground rice add fresh chilli powder chicken stock (used instead of traditional MSG) and fish sauce
The quantities can be varied according to taste and tradition, we recommend the quantities above if its your first time
Once you have a good mix add fresh Lime juice to balance the salty and spicy, taste test.
See video for tips on this and adding extra ingredients to make a lovely salad dressing for beef waterfall salad

Use a small bowl as shown above, and place on table for all to dip into. As I mentioned before there is a more advanced version of this sauce for use as a salad dressing and in particular for waterfall beef salad. This recipe and tutorial was created for Beef Waterfall Recipe which has its own fantastic marinade and is one of our many BBQ recipes that this sauce would complement beautifully.
Try another delicious BBQ Sauce this one’s sweet, spicy and sour and don’t forget we have a full range of Thai Sauce Classes.

Here is some further useful information about this sauce and Beef Waterfall

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
If you live in a cooler climate, by the time you’ve sliced the beef and added this dressing you’re lucky if it’s even warm but fear not! It’s just as delicious cold I promise.

If you are at all confused see the Beef Waterfall Recipe watch the video and then read this again.

Assuming you like this sauce, there’s nothing to stop you having it whenever and with whatever you like

Use your taste and experience to decide the best mix for you and your guests. The recipe we provide leans towards the spicy side without over powering the salty and sour

Bear in mind also that it improves after about an hour standing

We made this sauce to accompany the Beef Waterfall Recipe. As folks get confused as to whether beef waterfall is the same as waterfall salad.

It’s not! However I’ll try to explain the Waterfall Salad conundrum. Waterfall salad uses the beef (Beef Waterfall) but you mix the hot sliced beef in a bowl with this sauce including the extra veggies at the end of this video before serving and you can even add mint too. You then throw that on top of lettuce etc. and serve as a hot salad.

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