Chilli Fish Sauce

Chilli Fish Sauce

Pik Nam Paa

Chilli-Fish-Sauce.jpgThis is a must have ingredient for any self-respecting chef to compliment many authentic Thai dishes.

Pick Ki Noo directly translated from Thai means chilli shit mouse or as we would say it mouse shit chillies!

Personally I think you should ask for bird’s eye chillies if you can’t get Thai chillies from your Asian grocers.

How to Make Chilli Fish Sauce

5-6 “Fresh” Chillies
2 tbs Fish sauce
1 Clove Garlic
Juice of 1/2 Lime

Slice the chillies and garlic very thin, place in a small bowl add fish sauce and lime juice.
Stir mix together – Easy as that!
It’s up to your personal taste how much fish sauce you add depending on how strong you want it. The sauce pictured above is how we have it, which is pretty spicy (hot), so it can be made less spicy than this by adjusting the ingredients.

Serving Suggestions:
This sauce is often served with, stir fried rice to pep it up but really you can add it to practically anything from soup to noodles. We regularly add it to chicken fried rice as a condiment with some fresh slices cucumber and a wedge of lime on the side.

Often found on the table in retaurants and typically served with Thai Noodles Recipe

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Watch the video of the recipe so you can see how quick and easy this is.

There are many brands of fish sauce; we show some in the image above. We seem to prefer the squid brand although there is not much to choose between them.

When taste testing simply dap a wet spoon on the centre of your tongue, nothing more and you will get a good idea of where the flavour is heading and avoid the sting of chilli.

Store in an air tight container to retain aroma and flavour 3-4 days. It does not need refrigeration but it’s probably best for longer life.

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