Chilli Vinegar Sauce

Chilli Vinegar Sauce

Pik Nam Som

Pik-Nam-Som.jpgThis is a must have ingredient for any self-respecting chef to compliment many authentic Thai recipes. This sauce is used mostly as a condiment for many Thai Noodle dishes and particularly Kwaytiau, or Street Vendor Noodles. We show you two versions.

How to Make Chilli Vinegar Sauce

5-6 Thai Chillies (Pik Ki Noo) Green and Red together
4 tbs White Vinegar
Salt (version 2)
Garlic (version 2)

“Pik Ki Noo” directly translated means chilli-shit-mouse or mouse shit chilli, personally I would not want to meet the mouse that did poo that big!!

Version 1:
Slice the chillies into fine rings, pour on white vinegar and serve in a small bowl. Preferably Thai white vinegar if you can get it, as it does have a unique flavour.
Pretty simple really huh?

Version 2:
See the video

Serving Suggestions:
It’s up to your personal taste how much vinegar you add depending on how strong you want it. As in all Thai food cooking it’s done by tongue, so feel free to experiment and discover how you like it. This sauce is usually offered at the same time as Chilli Powder, Pik Nam Paa and (crushed) Toasted Peanuts. Oh… and sugar!
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