Cucumber Chilli Sauce

Cucumber and Chilli Sauce

Nam Jime Arjad

Arjad-Sauce.jpgCucumber and Chilli Dipping Sauce (Nam Jime Arjad) is a piquant, sweet, spicy and very refreshing watery sauce mostly used to accompany Chicken or Pork Satay, but if you like it as I do, add it to other dishes too.

It’s best with our Satay Sauce Recipe which is very rich in flavour so they complement each other very well and the two together make for a heavenly Chicken or Pork Satay

How to Make Cucumber Chilli Sauce

Makes 1 Cup of Sauce
1/2 Cucumber (when prepared)
3 Shallots (medium sized)
2 Thai Chillies
4 tbs Sugar
1/2ts Salt
1/2tbs Chicken Stock powder (or 1/2 a cube)
1/3 Cup Vinegar (white)
1/3 Cup of Water

You can make another version of this sauce good for fishy dishes. Simply remove the cucumber and shallots and one chilli. The remaining chilli should be gently pounded 3-4 times only. The rest is the same!

Skin, then thinly slice and quarter your cucumber until you have about half a cup
Do the same for your shallots, (very thin)
Chop the chillies into very thin rings

First bring the water to boiling in a pan before adding the vinegar
Add vinegar, sugar, chicken stock and salt and stir until all is dissolved
Leave to cool, or plunge the pan into cold water to save time

Finishing Off:
Empty the pan into a dipping/serving bowl and add the veggies

This is served as a side dipping sauce, most usually with Satay Sauce alongside either Chicken or Pork Satay

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