Nam Jim Gai Nung

Nam Jim Gai Nung

Nam-Jim-Gai-Nung-Recipe.jpgI know the photo does not do it justice, you’ll just have to trust me how good it tastes until you make your own.

Yet another fantastic traditional Thai sauce/condiment you normally only seen in Thailand. This sauce is primarily aimed at steamed chicken and steamed fish but is also nice with steamed eggs. The name directly translated means Sauce for Steamed Chicken and of course we love it with lots of dishes sometimes adding it to chicken fried rice or even an omelette!

Our Steamed Chicken is a perfect example of where to use this delightfully spicy sauce. To that end you can’t really make this sauce effectively unless you are also making steamed chicken because one of the ingredients comes out of the cooking process.

How to Make Thai Spicy Sauce for Steamed Foods

Ingredients: Nam-Jim-Gai-Nung-ingredients.jpg
Makes a family portion
1 Cup of Chillies
4-5 Garlic Cloves
4-5 Shallots
2 Limes
2 Tbs Fish Sauce
1+1/2 Tbs Sugar
1 ts Chicken Stock Powder
1 ts Oil

Note: These Ingredients are enough to compliment a full family dinner if you want a portion for two? Divide by 4.

Chunky chop Garlic and Shallots, (about 25% more shallots than garlic)
Remove stalks from Chillies

Cooking Instructions:
With a wok on medium heat add 1 ts of oil, throw in the chillies, garlic and shallots all together; stirring continuously for about 5 minutes, they will become dark speckledpestle-and-mortar
Next you’re going to need one of these beasties here ==>
Or you could use a blender but we don’t recommend it

Very easy this (apart from the effort), simply pound the freshly fried ingredients to a lovely textured paste.
Get some gravy from whatever you have been steaming so if it’s chicken get chicken gravy, if its fish do likewise. Once you have the hot gravy to hand…..
Add some lime juice to the paste, followed by sugar, chicken stock and fish sauce, mix in quickly and then add the hot gravy, see video achieve to the required consistency
Adjust to suit for taste as required.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve as a side dish for dipping with Steamed Chicken or Steamed Fish and it will also go great with BBQ Fish.

Always with Jasmine rice for everyone, there’s lots of tasty gravy with BBQ steamed chicken and the rice soaks it up beautifully, a small dollop of this sauce on gravy soaked rice with chicken or fish is Abso-bloomin-lutely Magic!!

Many times, Thais will grab some veggies and just dip in this sauce for an extra spicy bite

More info on this sauce, see how special it is Thai Food BlogSteamed Chicken Recipe

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Just to clarify this video is to be viewed in conjunction with the Steamed Chicken Tutorial

Okay so you want to make a smaller portion? No problem, simply divide the ingredients by 4 or more

As always, when using a mortar and pestle (Cruk Sak) and chillies….. Protect your eyes. When taste testing chilli sauces; a simple dab on the centre of your tongue with a wet sauce spoon will give you the flavour without the chilli burn. Don’t get me wrong it will still be spicy hot, but not as bad as if you get it on your lips or tip of the tongue.

Print the recipe to make any notes that spring to mind.

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